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Immigration and Border Security

Common sense approaches to immigration enforcement and border security are something that are near universally supported by our citizens, and before we can create future policies to address current illegal aliens within our own borders we need enforce these existing policies.   Additional enforcement of programs such as E-verify, and cracking down on Visa overstays will go a long way to solving this issue.  Funding for our border patrol, to be spent as our experts see fit, is also needed to keep America safe.

The cost to the American economy, and the American people, from illegal immigrants is considerable.  Funds that could be better used to help our students, poor, homeless, and disadvantaged must instead go towards providing services to people that are in our country illegally.  While we must be compassionate towards those who wish to partake in the American Dream, it must be done according to our laws and on our terms.  A country that loses control of its borders is no country at all.

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