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Here are my positions on the issues that are important to Americans.

Healthcare and Social Security Modernization

Our country faces a looming debt crisis in the form of entitlement spending.  Solving this issue is a point up for much debate.  We cannot rescind the promises made to generations of Americans who have provided for their elders since the inception of Social Security, but if we do not act to restrain government liabilities we risk bankrupting the future of our children. 

To tackle this problem, common-sense modernization is needed to begin to put our future commitments back on a manageable path.  The answer lies in taking a page from private sector investors and allowing current and future members of the American workforce to begin saving for themselves in private accounts.  The infrastructure, mechanisms, and benefits are available already.  We simply need the willpower to make it a reality.  Workers should get to set aside a percentage of their social security payroll deductions into private 401k accounts in return for reducing the value of their future social security payments. 

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Education and Student Debt

An educated workforce is necessary to help move the American economy forward in the future.  It’s in our countries best interest to make sure that both higher education as well as vocational and job training are accessible to all those who have the ability and desire to pursue them. 


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Term Limits

A friend once asked me which President I most admired.  Typically, conservatives will go with Ronald Reagan, but I told him that ultimately, George Washington was the man I admired the most.  Aside from his obvious importance in the American Revolution, the founding of our country, and setting the standards for which future Presidents would be judged, the thing that sticks out most to me is that he stepped away.  Here was a man who could have in effect been an elected king, but he was humble and wise enough to step away from office.  That was true character.

I am a firm believer in limiting citizens’ time in our local, state, and federal government.  No one should be looking to make a career out of elected office.  The founding fathers always assumed that these offices would be temporary service that regular citizens committed to for short time spans.  Public service is meant to be a temporary commitment to helping govern our nation at all levels.  That is not currently the practice.

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Stand for Life

I believe in protecting the rights of the unborn.  My personal stance on the issue is that I believe all life is sacred and that life begins at conception.  Understanding that there is a wide spectrum of beliefs on this politically divisive issue, I recognize that not everyone shares my view.  Despite our differing viewpoints however, we as a society must strive to build a culture that values innocent unborn life.  While our party remains a big tent, and we welcome those with differing views, we should never be comfortable with pro-abortion federal or state wide candidates as our standard bearers.  If an candidate seeking office can’t support one of our most important core positions on this issue, they should not be representing the Republican party.

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Fighting Poverty

Too much focus is placed upon the errant belief of “economic inequality” in America.  We should be less concerned with everyone having an “equal share” than trying to eliminate poverty by using a rising tide of economic prosperity to lift everyone up at the same time. 

Our government should work towards policies and laws that grow the economic pie for everyone and focus on creating opportunities for those who may have been left behind.  Less time and effort should be spent on redistributing the current successes of our economy, and more time should be spent on growing it for all.  Let's put everyone in the best position to pursue the American Dream.

Employment and Job Growth

Jobs are an important part of both the national economy and an individual's identity and self-confidence.  Congress should work to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity at the success of pursuing the American Dream.  This means less regulation, lower small business taxes, and more resources spent towards skills and job training and fewer spent trying to  temporarily fix the larger problem of unemployment.  Let’s work together to get everyone the skills they need to succeed in the modern economy and provide businesses with an economic and regulatory climate that leads to growth and success.


The Republican sponsored Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 helped to jump start our stagnant economy once again.  Dropping rates across the board on both individuals and businesses has reinvigorated our economy and helped to drive down unemployment.  But our work in this area is not yet done. 

The next Congress needs to make these individual tax cuts permanent and fix several key issues in the tax code, most notably caps on state and local property tax credits.  The tax code does not need to be “fair”, but it does need to be consistent in how it treats property owners in every state, and cost of living should be factored into these caps.


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National Debt

As of this writing the national debt is sitting around $22 trillion.  Both parties are responsible for the extravagant runaway spending that has led to our national economic crisis.  Raising taxes is not the answer, we must reign in out of control government spending.  But politicians are unwilling to discuss the true cause of our crisis. 


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Immigration and Border Security

The primary role of the federal government is to protect America and its citizens.  Part of this protection is making sure that we have secure national borders.  No other country in the world is held to the same double-standards in regards to an open border as we are, and this must change. 

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Veterans and our Military

All Americans owe a debt of gratitude to our country’s bravest individuals – those who have served and given their lives in defense of freedom and liberty.  As a country, we must remember the sacrifices of our veterans and their families who have bravely served our nation and remain committed to providing the best care possible for them and uniformed service members.

There is no greater service, nor sacrifice, that one can make than serving in our nation’s armed forces, and we all owe the men and women of our armed forces a debt of gratitude, and continuing responsibility to make sure that they are provided for by our government.

Defense and Homeland Security

With the resurgence of Russia and China as global powers, it is more important than ever that we have a well-funded and well-equipped modernized military, capable of projecting power and protecting American interests and trade across the globe.  After years of the sequestration our military has been neglected and our global rivals are catching up to us in terms of technology and expertise. 

I am a firm believer in Teddy Roosevelt’s saying “speak softly and carry a big stick”.  The best way to ensure American prosperity, global peace, and a safe world is to be prepared for any situation and continue to be the dominant military power of the globe.  America must stand resolute to protect our way of life, and must be ready for any challenge.


America has no better friend in the Middle East than the nation of Israel.  Not only is Israel the region’s only fully-functioning democracy – with a government based on popular consent and the rule of law – but it is also a valuable ally against Islamic extremism and terrorism.  Our shared democratic values and national interests are supported by maintaining a close friendship with Israel.  Americans also have a strong interest in Israel achieving a lasting peace with its neighbors, but on terms that don’t sacrifice the best interests of the Israeli people.

America should never turn a cold shoulder to this stalwart ally, and we should look to help other nations in the region come to terms with Israel’s existential right to exist.  This doesn’t simply mean we stand with them militarily but must also requires that we battle antisemitism in both domestic and global politics.   Too many voices on the far left cozy up to the enemies of Israel, and we need to call out those we see display antisemitism in public, and hold them accountable.

Protecting the Environment

America needs to strike a balance, between protecting our environment for future generations and making sure that we have sensible policies in place that do not cripple economic activity or job expansion. 

We need to make sure government is acting as a noble steward of the environment, that oversees policies that are both economically and environmentally sound.  But we still need to use common sense when making decisions that impact both our citizens and our future, and can't be held hostage by alarmists that see catastrophe around every corner.

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